Oxford Street in London


Oxford Street is only one and half mile long, situated  in the centre and near all famous landmarks of London. Very few people know that this famous street is built on the route of Roman road, and is named after Earl of Oxford who purchased land and developed it as place of entertainment. Continue Reading

Shopping Tourism in Kiev

Shopping centers in Kiev in Ukraine have changed dramatically over the years. Tourists  now can find bright and modern department stores, new shopping centers and traditional markets as well. whilst queuing for the basic needs in life was once the seen in stores across the Soviet region, things have changed for the good. We can see that the well known luxury brands and latest designer labels are having their presence in Kiev. Here are some of the popular destinations for shopping in Kiev…

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Shopping Tourism in Manchester

Manchester in the UK is one of the best places for shopping. As it has some of the most popular and known retail stores, and more, some of the most luxury brands like you can find in London. Here is a list of places where shoppers can spend a very good time scouring for items that they have always wanted to possess…

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