Harrods Department Store in London


Harrods London department store is famous all over the world.  It is situated in the most prestigious part of London, at Brompton Road, in Knightsbridge and is one of the largest and most upmarket department store in Europe, covering an area of twenty thousand meters with a little above one million square feet of built up area. It has a little over 330 departments selling every conceivable products and services.  This makes it the largest store in European Union. Harrods is famous for it’s mind blowing  in store decoration, window display and the variety of  choices of products . Continue Reading

Oxford Street in London


Oxford Street is only one and half mile long, situated  in the centre and near all famous landmarks of London. Very few people know that this famous street is built on the route of Roman road, and is named after Earl of Oxford who purchased land and developed it as place of entertainment. Continue Reading

Shopping Tourism in Brussels

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and is regarded as the largest urban area in the city. It  is a famous European travel destination and also providing the world famous beer and chocolate.

Belgian chocolates are made from the highest quality of ingredients and therefore, it’s chocolatiers are known for the best of the world. It would have not been possible to count the variety and choices of beers you can get in Belgium. From  white beer to fruit beer, even creative combinations like chocolate and banana, all and all are those things you should definitely try when visiting Brussels.

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Shopping Tourism in Toronto

Toronto has emerged as a great place for shopping. You can find some good bargains on not only retro items but also on the more upscale couture. Toronto has some great shopping areas as following…

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Shopping Tourism in Kiev

Shopping centers in Kiev in Ukraine have changed dramatically over the years. Tourists  now can find bright and modern department stores, new shopping centers and traditional markets as well. whilst queuing for the basic needs in life was once the seen in stores across the Soviet region, things have changed for the good. We can see that the well known luxury brands and latest designer labels are having their presence in Kiev. Here are some of the popular destinations for shopping in Kiev…

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Shopping Tourism in Lyon

Lyon in France is a shopper’s paradise as it offers some of the places to shop for branded as well as non branded products especially clothing. There are distinct places to shop for food, fashion clothing and other outdoor markets. When visiting Lyon, it is recommended to reserve extra time as with so many shops and stores, time would pass really quickly in order to find the best deal. Here are some of the most popular places to shop in Lyon…

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