Selfridges Department Store in London


Selfridges is a chain of department stores which caters to the high end customers in England.  The main store is situated at Oxford Street, London, and it is known to be the biggest shop in England after Harrods.  The first store was opened in the year 1909 and was named after H. Gordon Selfridge who opened the shop by using all his savings.  Selfridge used many innovative marketing strategies to attract customers to his store.  He is also supposed to have coined the famous saying, ‘the customer is always right’. Continue Reading

Oxford Street in London


Oxford Street is only one and half mile long, situated  in the centre and near all famous landmarks of London. Very few people know that this famous street is built on the route of Roman road, and is named after Earl of Oxford who purchased land and developed it as place of entertainment. Continue Reading

Shopping Tourism in Geneva

Although Geneva is not traditionally known for shopping like London or Paris, it actually has many famous malls, department stores and shops which sell everything and anything from the world, from fashion wear to gourmet food, There are shops selling antiques and watches, pavement stores which sell luxury goods to flea markets which sell bargain items. There are off the shelf books stores for bookworms to browse through their heart contents to chocolaterie where chocoholics can gorge and satisfy their taste buds. Shopping experience in Geneva carries its unique satisfying flavor.

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Shopping Tourism in Brussels

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and is regarded as the largest urban area in the city. It  is a famous European travel destination and also providing the world famous beer and chocolate.

Belgian chocolates are made from the highest quality of ingredients and therefore, it’s chocolatiers are known for the best of the world. It would have not been possible to count the variety and choices of beers you can get in Belgium. From  white beer to fruit beer, even creative combinations like chocolate and banana, all and all are those things you should definitely try when visiting Brussels.

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Shopping Tourism in Sydney

Shopping in Sydney is a world class experience. If you are looking for a shopping guide, then here is a complete detail of malls, department stores, designer boutiques and specialty stores present in Sydney. The three imperative shopping places include CBD (Central Business District), MacArthur, Penrith, Chatswood and Parramatta. These centers are located at walking distance from each other. You will find all sort of exclusive shopping items such as clothes for men, women, babies and kids, cosmetics, gym equipments, home décor and so on.

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Shopping Tourism in Toronto

Toronto has emerged as a great place for shopping. You can find some good bargains on not only retro items but also on the more upscale couture. Toronto has some great shopping areas as following…

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Shopping Tourism in Oslo

Oslo, the capital city of Norway is the place to shop if you are looking for something Norwegian. The city has some very good places for shopping where you can buy souvenirs like cheese slicers, knitwear, items made from pewter, jewellery made of gold and silver, ceramic and wood trolls. Items made from goat cheese, smoked salmon and caviar, chocolate and akvavit, which is a white spirit. You may choose from popular and established brands of Norway that include Magnor and Hadeland glass, Husfliden handicrafts, David Andersen jewelry and Porsgrund porcelain. Here are some of the popular shopping destinations in Oslo…

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Shopping Tourism in Stockholm

Stockholm in Sweden is a shopper’s paradise as it has some of the best places to shop. These include big department stores, boutique shops, specialist shops, fashion brand stores, big stores, retail houses and other such shopping areas. Here is a list of the places where you can enjoy shopping in Stockholm…

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Shopping Tourism in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark is a delight to be in. the city has lot of scenic beauty and with that it offers plenty of shopping to those that wish to take back souvenirs from the country. Here is a list of the popular shopping places in Copenhagen…

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Shopping Tourism in Manchester

Manchester in the UK is one of the best places for shopping. As it has some of the most popular and known retail stores, and more, some of the most luxury brands like you can find in London. Here is a list of places where shoppers can spend a very good time scouring for items that they have always wanted to possess…

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