Harrods Department Store in London


Harrods London department store is famous all over the world.  It is situated in the most prestigious part of London, at Brompton Road, in Knightsbridge and is one of the largest and most upmarket department store in Europe, covering an area of twenty thousand meters with a little above one million square feet of built up area. It has a little over 330 departments selling every conceivable products and services.  This makes it the largest store in European Union. Harrods is famous for it’s mind blowing  in store decoration, window display and the variety of  choices of products . Continue Reading

Liberty Department Store in London


Liberty is one of the most iconic stories in London, located in the famous Regent Street in London. The Liberty building housing the store is 134 years old and has an exterior which is timber framed and mock Tudor. It is quaint, exceptional and very pleasing. The Liberty building is as famous as the goods it sells. This department stores is famous for the luxury goods, clothing, furniture, household items, perfumes and gifts. It also sells furnishing material, which goes by the name of ‘Liberty Art Fabrics’. The material can be used both for clothing and furnishing and comes in traditional as well as in contemporary prints which are changed and redesigned periodically. Continue Reading

Shopping Tourism in Oslo

Oslo, the capital city of Norway is the place to shop if you are looking for something Norwegian. The city has some very good places for shopping where you can buy souvenirs like cheese slicers, knitwear, items made from pewter, jewellery made of gold and silver, ceramic and wood trolls. Items made from goat cheese, smoked salmon and caviar, chocolate and akvavit, which is a white spirit. You may choose from popular and established brands of Norway that include Magnor and Hadeland glass, Husfliden handicrafts, David Andersen jewelry and Porsgrund porcelain. Here are some of the popular shopping destinations in Oslo…

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Shopping Tourism in Stockholm

Stockholm in Sweden is a shopper’s paradise as it has some of the best places to shop. These include big department stores, boutique shops, specialist shops, fashion brand stores, big stores, retail houses and other such shopping areas. Here is a list of the places where you can enjoy shopping in Stockholm…

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Shopping Tourism in Dublin

Although Dublin is not very known or famous for shopping, there are plenty of shopping areas that fulfill the requirements of the shopaholics. Being a capital city, Dublin has some of the best shops and department stores that store international brands. However, being a compact city, the markets are all located within a short distance, making it convenient for shoppers to visit one place after the other. Here is a list of the main shopping areas in Dublin….

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Shopping Tourism in Athens

Athens in Greece has plenty for everyone. Whether it is the historical places, monuments or other sightseeing places, Athens has plenty and this does not mean that the shoppers be disappointed as Athens provides numerous places to shop to one’s heart content. Here are some of the popular places to shop in Athens…

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