Shopping Tourism in New York City


New York, the most populous city in the world superpower United States, is about more than just finance, media, art, research, technology, education and entertainment. It is also, as the popular Alicia Keys-Jay Z song goes, a concrete jungle for shopping.

The first stop for anyone with money who wants to go shopping New York is Roosevelt Field. This is the largest high-end shopping mall in New York and the eighth in the country, measured by its total square feet of retail space (2,189,941 ft² or 203,452 m²). It can be found at the East Garden City, New York on Long Island’s Town Of Hempstead. Bloomingdale’s, an American department store owned by Macy’s Inc., J. C. Penney Company, Inc, a chain of American mid-range department stores, Macy’s, a US chain of mid-to-high range department stores, and Nordstrom, Inc., an upscale department store in the US are the anchors of the 270-store mall.

Aside from Roosevelt Field, there are many other upscale shopping streets and districts in New York. In New York City, shopping can be done on Fifth Avenue, a major thoroughfare at the center of Manhattan. The world’s most prestigious shops can be found at its section where the 49th Street and 60th Street intersect, making this area one of most expensive shopping streets in the world. Forbes actually named it the “most expensive street in the world” on 2008.
57th Street, on the other hand, is notable for prestigious art galleries, restaurants, and up-market shops. Seventh Avenue, also known as Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard north of Central Park, is another thoroughfare on the West Side of Manhattan.

Madison Avenue, another popular avenue, is also located at Manhattan carrying northbound one-way traffic. This street has been synonymous with the American advertising industry since the 1920s. Another artists’ loft and gallery is SoHo. However, recently, it became more than just a haven for artists. The street is now also the home of a wide variety of stores and shops ranging from trendy boutiques to outlets of upscale national and international chain stores started to grow.

For the more money-conscious shoppers, Century 21 is the place to go shopping in New York. Often called by locals as “New York’s Best Kept Secret”, Century 21 is the number one store for discount shopping in New York, with the “in the know” shoppers battling each other for the best deals as proof. Those discount shoppers, plus the wise tourists who know where to shop for good bargains, all leave Century 21 happy because of the huge discounts offered in this place.

Another great place for shopping in New York is Find Outlet. The store has lots of stuff to offer, with its ever-changing inventory. Shoppers also dig this place for its value-for-money items. Other top stores with good discounts are Gabay’s Outlet, where shoppers can find overstock from some of New York’s classy department stores, Syms, which also features big-name brands like Oscar De La Renta, Tommy Hilfiger, and Kenneth Cole, and Loehmann’s, which offers about 30% to 65% off on retail prices.