Shopping Tourism in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has the best shopping places in the world. Go through the shopping guide discussed here and enjoy your expedition to the fullest. Palermo is the trendiest area of Buenos Aires. The stores cater to women as well as men alike. You can get your entire shopping done at the streets of Palermo Soho.

Looking to shop for some genuine antiques, then San Telmo is the place you must visit. This place located at Defensa has many stores that sell antiques. You can also find boutiques that sell bohemian clothes. Moreover, if you want to buy different shopping items at affordable rates then make sure to visit this place on Sunday. The whole street is closed off and individual traders sell their stuff on streets.

Recoleta is among the elite places of Buenos Aires, where you will find designer clothes and luxurious lifestyle products. Murilllo Street is famous for stores that sell leather products and Villa Crespo is the area where you can buy wide range leather goods. Some stores also have huge collection of international leather brands such as Penguin and Lacosta. This place is ideal if you wish to save money.

Shopping Guide List:

Seco is the store located at Palermo that houses fashionable wear for every season. They also have clearance sale at the end of every season where you can buy quality designer wear at discounted rates.

If you are looking to pick up something for every day wear then visit Kukia store. They have wide collections of clothing items that range from jeans, dresses, jackets, skirts and so on. They also have different assortment of beachwear.

Pesqueira, also located at Palermo sells ladies apparels for all sizes. If you want to buy something stylish, elegant yet traditional then Lupe is the store for you as they sell feminine clothes. Amores Trash Couture is famous for clothes that incorporate 80’s style but with modern twist.

Those who want to shop for handmade clothes, check out DAM, which features assortment of clothes that brings out individualistic from you personality. Juana de Arco sells some novel and colorful clothing line for men, women and children. They also have range of products including accessories, art and home furnishing objects.

Shopping for Family:

Abasto Shopping Mall has about 250 stores and is mainly a family store. You can locate stores selling books, apparel stores for men, women and children, gifts, toys, music, beauty and sports goods.

Florida Street is also a place where you can locate almost all thing shop for but beware of pickpockets. Patio Bulrich shopping Mall houses some of the famous international clothing brands. The top level of the Mall has food courts, wine store and Valenti shop that sell cheeses and cured meat.

Unicenter is another shopping mall located at Martinez, north of Buenos Aires that has stores selling various products such as clothes, electronic items, CDs and books.

If you are out to buy musical instruments then Daiam situated at Talcahuano, Mannys at B. Mitre, Music Town at Cabildo 2136 Loc.28, Promusica at Florida and Guitar Center at Peron are some of the stores you must visit.