Notting Hill in London


Notting Hill has a chequered history. Long before it became fashionable in the last two decades of the twentieth century, its run down houses were occupied by migrants. In 1988 Notting Hill became fashionable and its quaint Victorian houses were picked up by wealthy families and presently it is an up market location with houses and gardens. Its closeness to Kennington Garden and Chelsea makes it desirable place for people with cosmopolitan tastes. Two things make it a popular tourist destination; the Notting Hill Carnival Festival and the Portobello Road. Apart from these two attractions, Notting Hill is also home for many exclusive shops, restaurants and pubs and galleries.

 A brief look at Notting Hill’s history tells us that in the past it was the biggest slum of London. Years ago pig farmers, potters and brick kilns occupied the land where the elegant houses now stand. After the Second World War the houses were divided into small flats and were rented out to Caribbean immigrants. The area saw the worst racial riots in the late fifties, but after that something unique happened, the Notting Hill Carnival emerged as a part of racial identity and eventually became an annual event which attracts thousand tourists every year. The second place which made Notting Hill famous is the Portobello Market which gives the place an ongoing air of festival.

The Portobello Road Market is a long street market sells almost everything but is most famous for the antiques. It is held every day except on Sunday. Each day of the week is reserved for the sale of a special kind of item. E.g. on Friday and Saturday, there is a row of shops which sell quaint clothes. Other shops sell generally used goods. Saturday is also reserved for antique market which attracts many tourists and antique lovers. Apart from all this some stalls are open every day selling a variety of things, including handmade items.

Notting Hill is also home to the famous book shop which appeared in the Hollywood movie Notting Hill. Apart from this book shop which was made famous by the movie, there are a number of shops which sell a variety of things. There are shops like Baker & Gray, Brissi and Erno Deco Specialists in Vintage Furniture, which sell household items, elegant furniture and garden accessories. Paints, clothes, beauty items, latest fashion trends, baby items, organic food, exclusive scented candles and flowers, everything is available in the Notting Hill shops. If you are tired and hungry after your shopping spree you can rest in a restaurant of your choice. There is a wide choice of restaurants, bars and eateries, to suit every pocket, some of them are expensive and exclusive, others a fairly reasonable. Are you looking for contemporary decor and delicious Italian food, including pizza, go to the Centonove in Westbourne Park Road, or want to eat in a lap of luxury in a sophisticated atmosphere you can select Chakra. Pubs, bars, and coffee shops, selling the variety of food served is mind boggling and sumptuous. Notting Hill lives up to its fame in every day.

From the Airport
From Heathrow airport take Heathrow Express to London Paddington, change Tube District or Circle line to Notting Hill Gate Station.

From Heathrow airport take Heathrow Connect to Ealing Broadway , change Tube Central line to Notting Hill Gate Station
Tube Station
Notting Hill, on the Central line