Hamleys in London


Hamleys Toy shop is the finest toy store which is more than 250 years old. The shop was named after the person William Hamley. He founded the shop in 1760. This shop is located in Regent Street. Hamleys is a full 7 floors of joy. There are unlimited toys which are out of the box and can be driven, shaken, cuddled and tossed endlessly. You can experience puppet shows, see mini aeroplanes flying over your head and find pile of soft toys around. A wide variety of toys are found here – soft toys, arts & Crafts, dolls, construction, action, board games, outdoor and many more. Toys of various brands other than Hamleys are also present. Playmobil, VTech, Barbie, Fisher Price, Yoo Hoo, Lego and many other popular branded products are there to catch your little ones view. Toys of every range are present.  Visiting here is worth an experience.

Every day in Hamleys is a magical day packed with competition, activities and puppet shows. When your children enter the 7 storeyed shop he/she just fly away to the world of fantasy. The basement is full of construction toys and interactive games. You will find a wide variety of soft toys, stuffed animals and a section of Marvin’s Magic products. Characters like Boo Buddy, Disney Princess, Disney Mickey Mouse, Furby, Minnie Mouse, Hamleys Drumming bear, stuffed dolphins, teddy and many exciting toys can be seen around the floor.  Coming to the first floor you will see a whole lot of board games, puzzles, jigsaws. You will also find a Build-a-Bear Workshop and sweet shop. Second floor is filled with toys for pre-schoolers and young children. Third floor is a section exclusively for girls. Find your favourite Dolls here. Arts & Crafts, Dress up, Hello kitty etc. are also available in this floor. Moving to the fourth floor you get remote-controlled vehicles, Model kits, mini railways etc. Toys exclusively for boys are available in fifth floor. Action figures like Ben 10, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Ninja Turtles and vehicles like Hamleys London Bus, Fire Vehicle Set, Corgi Great British Classic Taxi, Motorcycles, emergency vehicles, construction set, police truck, British classics mini etc are all around. An open café is also here in this floor.

Apart from toys Hamleys is one of the best places for birthday parties, theme parties and exclusive Sunday morning parties for children. For the theme party there will be party entertainers, foods, goody bags, activities of your child’s interest and an exclusive birthday cake. Themes include Pirates, Rock Star, Princess, Knights and Explorers. Every Sunday there is an exclusive morning party from 10 am running for around 2.5 hours. The whole Hamleys Toyshop becomes the place of entertainment. Treasure Hunt is conducted throughout the whole store, children can go for face painting and you will get an hour of entertaining show. So if you visit Hamleys you and your child will be driven into the most exciting fantasy. Don’t miss to take your child to Hamleys because visiting there would become one of the best gifts to your child.

From the Airport
Take Heathrow Express to London Paddington station, Take tube district / circle line to NottingHill, change central line to Oxford Circus Station.
Take Heathrow Connect to Ealing Broadway station, Take tubeCentral line to Oxford Circus station

Tube Station
Oxford Circus, on the Central Line, Bakerloo Line and Victoria Line


188-196 Regent Street
London, W1B 5BT

Hamleys has 4 shops in London, and many around UK. Also shops in Asia and Europe.